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A Simple Guide to Worktops

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Kitchen worktops can be a real sticking point for consumers, I often get asked for a certain type of worktop that they have been recommended to use by friends or family, however sometimes you have to consider the practicality and budget to see which worktops would really be the best option for the client.

Kitchen designers are often keen to upsell and some choice of worktops can double a sale value and boost profit margins. Take 2 minutes to read this guide which will hopefully give you some insight into the pro's and con's of each type of worktops available. Please note there are so many options for worktops, I've focussed on the more popular current options on the market.

Probably the most common question I get asked is which worktop is the most heat resistant. Whilst there are a few products that can claim they are heat resistant, no manufacturer would advise putting hot pans directly on to any work surface. Trivets and/or Hot rods are a much safer option

£ Laminate Worktops

  1. The most affordable option on the market, these are a practical and cost effective choice

  2. Often available in a variety or finishes from Granite, to Marble to Wood effects, there are plenty of options to suit many tastes.

  3. Laminate worktops can come in different thickness' - the most common is 38mm, however there are slimmer and thicker options available in some retailers.

  4. Laminate worktops require ZERO maintenance and are an easy option for installation.

  5. Discuss joins with your installer to make sure they use MASON'S MITRE JOINT. This means the worktops will be joined using zip bolts and gives a smooth finish.

  6. If you want rounded corners on your worktop this will limit your choices to Square edge profiles only.

  7. You cannot use undermount or Butler sinks with Laminate as any water ingress will perish your worktops.

££ Solid Wood Worktops

££ Compact Laminate Worktops

£££ Slabtech / Minerva

££££ Solid Quartz

££££ Granite Worktops

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