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Gina & Matt's Kitchen

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

Gina & Matt were recommended to use my service by a friend of theirs that I had designed a kitchen for back in November 2020

They had already been to Howdens to get a design and felt that the designer hadn't really given them any new ideas on how to make better use of the space. They, themselves also couldn't visualise another way to layout out their kitchen

The first thing I asked them to do was send over some pictures of the existing kitchen along with the proposed design from Howdens

Using the measurements from the client I drew out a floor plan and tweaked and changed a few things to try and come up with an alternative option for them. I really wasn't sure on the placement of the fridge freezer on the plan. It almost looked like an after thought and made the kitchen look dis-jointed. After a quick phone consultation to discuss the layouts, they approved one of the ideas and I set to work sending 3 kitchen companies a detailed plan, with full specifications including potential investment amount and time scale. Within 2 weeks I received back all the plans and quotes and sent these to the client for review

The client was really pleased with the new layout option but still needed to consider the dining room end of the open plan room. They have a Border Terrier and wanted to create a small area to accommodate a space for the dog and give them more storage

After the 3 suppliers had made the amendments to the plans I re-sent them the 3 options. I had another phone consultation with the client to discuss their thoughts and offer some advice. After some time it became clear that the client wasn't ready to commit to placing an order and decided to put the project on hold until they had the full investment for their dream kitchen.

This was absolutely the best decision for them as it meant they wouldn't have to make compromises. I've set a date for later in the year to catch up with them and see if they're ready to move forward... Watch this space!

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